Well furnished family Rooms.

doormatory and double bedrooms available.

Early morning natural walk and boating on river Kauvery.

Visit to Kauvery Estate.

Visit to village.

Bonfire and dinner at the Camp Bank of river Kauvery.

Accommodation and all meals as specified transport through the trip.

Trek and drive to TADIYANDAMOL, highest point in Coorg for a picnic.

Authentic organic Coorg dishes for lunch.

High-speed Internet

Tour Desk

Free Breakfast

Medical Assistance Available


The visitor’s of Kavery Estate Stay have a chance to visit the Now Or Never Land – Exciting & Challenging, Outdoor Activity Centre,

To know more Please visit the Website: www.noworneverland.com

Monsoon Cheer

Kodagu is famous for its dense tropical monsoon, when the entire region come alive with lush greenery. The continuous – and often never ending – downpour is an awe inspiring phenomenon which should be experienced to be believed. This is a period when it feels warm and cozy to remain indoors and enjoy a sheltered existence within the confines of your cottage. On the other hand, if you are the adventurous type, this is a great time to put on a rain coat and trek through the dense foliage, while indulging in the joy of exposing your body to the elements of nature.  And of course, there is always the option to simply let go and dance in the rain in wild abandon.